Tuesday, November 29, 2016

HUNDREDS of Missing Children in Virginia Alone

So according to an interview conducted by SGTreport.com, the state of Virginia has an unusually high amount of missing children, many times the national average -- which is what you would expect if:
  • Pizzagate was real
  • They also killed/kidnapped children

Apart from the insanely high amount of missing children from this relatively small area, there were two other things:
1) There was a scary spike of missing children towards the end of this year.
2) OVER HALF of the submitted missing childrens reports in Virginia had NO PICTURE. He said that this was unique for Virginia. Why is this?

To me, this implies that some kind of deal was struck with these parents, to where they aren't TRYING to get the kid back. Over half. Please explain that anomaly in a giant country like America.

I also found this graph, which corroborates his statement:
There are no "official" statistics, such data simply isn't compiled, which is oddly convenient for these child snatching criminals.