Thursday, December 8, 2016

Tara McCarthy is Getting Some Real Harassment

This is Tara McCarthy:

She is the most skilled Pizzagate video maker ever. She made the video "What we know so far", which catapulted Pizzagate into public awareness. She is very logical and has a hypnotic voice.

This is the video that got me involved. Youtube forced her to take it down from her channel, but there are a bunch of mirrors up everywhere.

She actually made a bunch of videos. And even though they were SUPER popular and, in the long run, would have made her both rich and famous -- she stopped.

These were all made by her before she stopped:
I wanted to give you that context so you can understand what effect this threat -- or a harsher one that came after -- had. Here it is. This is what she wrote:

I should also mention that these same people;
  • Dissappeared Ben Swann (Reality Check gone, website gone, he's now stuck on local television nobody watches).
  • Stopped Milo Yiannopoulos from giving a planned Pizzagate talk last minute.
  • Made Alex Jones himself apologize to James Alefantis on his own radioshow.
  • Probably murdered David Seaman's best friend. She was brutally murdered a couple weeks after he started covering Pizzagate and refused to back down despite serious threats.
The Pizzagate body count is growing, it's not like these are "empty threats" you can ignore.

If you have money but not the time or ability to take action, consider supporting this project. Most go with 10 bucks/month.