Friday, December 2, 2016

Was River Phoenix Connected to Pizzagate?


There are many strange things in the life and death of River Phoenix, older brother to the famous actor Joaquin Phoenix.

  • He grew up in a cult called "The Children of God".
  • He never had formal schooling, at all.
  • He lost his virginity at the age of four, while within this cult (which means he was raped because you cannot "consent" at that age).
  • The cult had rampant pedophilia and a satanist streak.

Some pictures of them:

Their leader David Berg:

David Berg was a very sick man. This is from his wikipedia page:

River Phoenix was a child actor, who, at the end of his life, started speaking out against the New World Order, as he saw it, and used strange sexual language when speaking about the film industry (above video).
"Then you have the power to, basically, get blowjobs from the corporate leaders. I mean, I found myself getting blown by Americas film corporations. It's nice. I come in their fucking lens."
River Phoenix fit the pattern of being a child actor who was also sexually abused. Notice that he also says that the Hollywood people are out to "hurt him".

We know Hollywood is filled with pedophiles, both Elijah Woods and Corey Feldman have said this publicly.

Did River reject their advances, and that made them mad? River Phoenix was a loose cannon, super talented, and might well have spoken out and named names. They HAD to kill him, they had no choice.

He died just two years after this interview at a party under suspicious circumstances. Supposedly from an overdose. One witness claimed River vomited a black liquid as he fell ill, but who knows.

What movie was he making as he died?

So he became a villain, and then he died. What a nice story arc.

The movie plot is weird. The main character (River), is waiting for the end of the world, just like his childhood cult did, and is obsessed by these things called Kachina dolls.

I should also mention that his brother, Joaquin Phoenix, always ends up playing roles where he has sex with his family.
  • Gladiator (sex with sister)
  • The Master (sex with his mother) 
  • Her -- has a sexual relationship with a software program.
Are there more? I've only seen some of his movies.

  1. Was River Phoenix murdered? 
  2. If so, was he murdered by the Hollywood pedophile gang that Corey Feldman and Eliah Woods are so scared off?
  3. Is the Hollywood pedophile gang connected to the Washington D.C. pedophile gang?
  4. Was River Phoenix connected to Pizzagate?

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