Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sick "Gimme Pizza Slow" Video Posted on James Alefantis Facebook Page

James Alefantis to the left, Tony Podesta to the right. Also, what is that weird statue behind the pizza tarp?

Here's FB link. Check it now, for it will be gone in a couple days. Video:

The original song title was "Gimme Pizza", featuring the Olsen Twins, which is interesting because they almost became a sex symbol before they became adults. They were essentially real-life Barbies.

Now look at some of these images from the video:

This is not a normal "kid video". Someone made them make that face. That expression doesn't occur naturally.

This girl goes "whip cream pour like waterfalls". And it's POURING, towards her crotch. Creampie reference?

Also, from nowhere, is a couple eyeballs:

A muic video for KIDS, really? And we also have the mandatory PASTA in the pizza. Everything else on that list, you could actually have on a pizza. Pasta stands out in that way.

Also, notice how hard they are driving the "I want pizza" notion. They are saying it like a mantra. Hammering it in.

So Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are the "Queens of Gourmet", for someone that has a very large sexual appetite?

Let's look at the end product. WTF is that?

Is this fish with a bunch of ketchup on it a reference to the satanistic sacrifice of animals? And if not, what IS IT DOING in a kid video??!!

A should also mention that "Gimme Pizza Slow", would in pedo-lingo mean, "The Slow Fucking of Underage Girls".