Wednesday, March 22, 2017

7 Pizzagate Videos You Must Watch. These Videos Can Red-Pill a Retarded Monkey.

Take the red pill and wake up? Or take the blue pill and stay asleep? 

This is the most important video and the one that launched my own obsession with Pizzagate: it convinced me there was something going on. I didn't know what, but I knew it was something.

Also, a critical thinker might go: how do I know any of this stuff is real? Good thing is, before Pizzagate hit public awareness, a bunch of hackers archived everything. It's all archived.

Also, the first couple thousand people who were fast on the ball, actually searched James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong's own twitter and Instagram page before they made it private. I was one of them. So I actually personally looked up many of the things you find in the videos. And anyone can search wikileaks for the emails.

All these 7 videos were made by a girl named Tara McCarthy. She actually got a bunch of threats and stopped making videos after that. Wonder why. She's currently doing other stuff, but not these Pizzagate videos.

A solid update just a couple days after. This one keeps getting taken down.

WARNING! Parts are disturbing. I hadn't seen this one until recently myself.

Also, the thing about blood and aging is TRUE, it was confirmed in experiments with rats. Old rats grew younger when injected with youthful blood, and the young rats actually grew old when they got the old rat blood. Creepy shit I know. Though drinking and injecting might not have the same effect.

More about the art. WARNING! Not for the easily disturbed.

Some video evidence for the "Pizza code".

A video about "Spirit Cooking" with modern-day witch Marina Abramović.

A video that tracks the Pizzagate body count. This body count has grown since then.

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