Friday, March 17, 2017

Does Popstar Melanie Martinez Promote Pedophilia?

The short answer is yes. She might not be aware of it, but she is doing it. I haven't come across a single performer in Hollywood that sexualizes children to this degree. It's in almost EVERY song. It's her thing. It's very blatant. Still in doubt? Look at this picture:

Or this one:

Notice how her "tears" looks a little like, well, fertile male fluid.

I found a good description on

On her website she sells some kind of perfume shaped as baby bottle:

It's called "Cry Baby Perfume Milk". Link here. There is so much shit on that website, literally HUNDREDS of products. All baby/kid orientated.

Oh, and checkout this description:

You might as well have a sexy phone service, and read them this text! And this was the only product description I read on the website! 

She also sells this T-shirt, with a severed baby head on the dining table:

It goes on, and on, and on. I can't cover it all. There's a Good article in Affinity Magazine titled: Melanie Martinez: Stop Sexualizing Children

Here's the introductory paragraph:

I watched many of her videos, they are all sick. In "Dollhouse" the entire family turns on the daughter, rapes her, and she wakes up after with a new set of clothes. It starts at the words "Play with your doll".

Look how all the family members are dissociated and in a zombie-like state. Very similar to hypnosis. Children lose track of time and "escape" out of their body during extreme trauma.

This is her song "Potato Head". I can't give you all the details because it would be too long. But in pedophile circles a "Potato head" is a pedophile.

This is going to sound stupid, but Obama looks exactly like a Potato Head. They could not be more similar.
This image appears to be real. Link to original article. It comes with this long backstory and everything. Anyway.

I've skipped the video on this song because it's distracting. Here are some of the lyrics:

Here's more:
How is a young teen supposed to "suffocate" or "choke" because she's made into a sexy little barbie doll he wants to screw? Choking? Worse?

In the beginning of this paragraph you see an explanation for how raw potatoes become "french fries". IT'S A METAPHOR FOR GROOMING.

  • Taking a "potato head", a raw product, and turning it into a finished "french fry".
  • Taking a young insecure girl, adding some "condiments" and "compliments", now you have a more secure, confident, highly sexualized child. This is their fantasy.

There is so much more but many are reading this from their smartphones so I cannot go longer. This is the tip of the iceberg. I spent a morning researching this and I have about 400 tabs up on my browser right now =)
Hope u liked it! Cheers!