Monday, March 13, 2017

Does Shakira's album "Oral Fixation" Promote Pedophilia?

I was listening to SHAKIRA on spotify, and I noticed the cover of her album "Oral Fixation". A baby in the garden of Eden reaching for the red apple, the forbidden fruit. What is that suppose to symbolise? 

The red apple means pleasure. What kind of pleasure involving babies is illegal and "sinful" in our society? That's right. 

And the THE NAME of the album is ORAL FIXATION Freud did many good things, but he sure did sexualise children to a great degree.

How did Freud become THE STAPLE of modern psychology? Why is he THE MAN? The one psychologist who sexualised children above all others. Think about it. It's disgusting.

Taken from wikipedia's page on oral fixation:

So the baby's attempt at feeding itself so it won't starve to death is an important stage in its "psychosexual development"? Which is a fancy way of saying sexual development. I find this gross. Do you?

Oh yea, I almost forgot:

Apparently, naked babies eating the forbidden fruit of sexual pleasure is VERY sexy these days.

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