Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hundreds of Children Go Missing in National Parks Every Year

This video is a presentation by David Paulides, who has investigated mysterious dissapperances in national parks. According to his research:
  • FBI get involed and shut the case down.
  • Park Rangers also sometimes.
  • Bodies are never found, not even the shoes, which last 100 years in nature.
  • There is often a storm after the kidnapping with lots of rain to wash away the smell so the dogs can't track them.
  • Locations at high altitudes often have some synonym of the word "Devil" in their name.
  • It sounds crazy, but if the kidnappers as sick satanist pedophiles, then maybe it's just logical?
Follow-ups show MASSIVE coverups and blatant lying to the families from law enforcement (at times).

What do you think?