Monday, March 20, 2017

Is Barack Obama or Joe Biden Connected to Pizzagate?

There is some evidence to suggest that Obama or Biden is connected to Pizzagate. Let's begin with this wikileaks email:

Notice headline: "GET READY FOR CHICAGO HOT DOG FRIDAY". 50 year old men. Are you really that excited?

These code words mean:

Now, in the biggest single podcast episode of all time, about 100 million views in total, the Joe Rogan podcast with Alex Jones, Alex said it was code for "male prostitutes". (This video is the whole podcast, not just that part.)

Anyway. So we got this email. They ordered hot dogs for 65k. Now, the president CANNOT order in food from external sources, it's a security issue, he could be poisoned. So they prepare all food on site. If it's not food, what is it?

Apart from this email, there is nothing concrete to tie Obama to Pizzagate. It is suspicious that he loves John Podesta so much, and gets along well with Tony Podesta. And didn't criticize Anthony Winer even after he got caught with child porn.

Would the elite allow Obama to become president TWICE if they did not control him? Probably not.

But look at what silly Joe Biden gave Obama on his 51th birthday:

Check out the Pizzaslice. The elite pedophiles find pizza very "sexy". For example, James Alefantis posted these two pictures on his instagram account:

The most damning evidence of all is Joe Biden's public groping of young girls:

(At the beginning)
Joe: "No dates of boys 'til 30 years."
Her parents: "Hahahahaah."

This version is condensed, there is so much more if you want to see it. Google "creepy Joe Biden". Would the psychopathic pedophiles at the top allow Joe Biden to that position if they didn't have his loyalty? PROBABLY NOT.

Here are two bonus pictures that was added from the Facebook thread:

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