Thursday, March 23, 2017

Is There a Connection Between Ice Cream and Pedophilia?

I'm asking because I don't know myself. There is enough to warrant suspicion, but not enough for a decisive "yes".

Let's begin with a sequence from Katy Perry's video "This Is How We Do":

If you actually look at the expression on that TWERKING INFANT, it is not enjoying what it is doing. It's more of a sad "I don't know why I'm doing this" kind of expression.

Also notice the very old man walking past her in the beginning, as well as the pizza slice, and all the ice cream.

I could imagine that old man writing this letter found in the Podesta emails on wikileaks:

Now let's watch these two videos made by LittleBabyIceCream:

These are actually commercials for that ice cream. Does it seem like they are even TRYING to make it appealing? It looks more like an art project gone wrong.

Let's look at FBI's pedophile symbols:

FBI pedophile symbols
Notice the heart. A heart within another heart. The big heart is the pedophile, and the little heart is the child encapsulated by the pedophile. Then let's look at all the Ice Cream brands owned by the parent company Unilever:

These hearts are virtually identical to the heart above. Based on my research, there doesn't seem to be an epidemic of children snatched by Ice Cream Truck Drivers. But then again, there doesn't seem to be an epidemic of pedophiles being arrested right now either, which there is.

In Tucson, Arizona, they had enough problems to start fingerprinting Ice Cream drivers before getting a license, prompting this response from Vice.

Look at this postcard:

I feel like there's a connection between the "rape van" phenomenom and the ice cream truck, which is basically a rape van for kids.

I should also mention this Facebook page I found:

If you look at this guy's posts over time, he is so incredibly excited over the positive social feedback, "likes", he gets for his pedophile page. Like he was never "liked" before.

This is "Herbert the Pervert" in Family Guy. He's a pedophile.

And the most overt, with "semen" as ice cream option:

Look how he misspelled "Ice cream", "Flavour", "Having", "Vanilla", "Banana", and "Peppermint". And he forgot capital letter on "chocolate". These aren't hard words. Also, in scientific literature, many studies find that pedophiles are much dumber than average. It might even be likened to some form of brain damage.

Pedophiles find it very erotic to watch children eat ice cream. If there's a creepy guy that comes out to watch every time the ice cream truck comes around...

The cynical part of me would say that children are being drilled like Pavlov's dogs to love vans without windows and gather around them in hope for a treat? But I don't really believe that.

Is there an ice cream -- pedophile connection? What do you think?