Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Has Blatant Pedophile Imagery AND Works With Children Of Rape

This is bad. Real bad. I'm throwing this out there other people need to investigate.

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is probably another "controlled opposition" organisation meant to shelter and protect pedophiles. Pizzagate. Pedogate. Just like "International center for missing and exploited children" and probably THORN. Every single elite corrupt politician seem to have a foundation that SPECIFICALLY works with kids. Or be connected to one. What are the odds.

This image if from the "Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation" own yearly report:

FBI document:

This foundation also works with children and people who were raped? Really?

Isn't this a JUICY piece of news!

I just have to ask the question, is Justin Trudeau a pedophile?