Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Pizzagate Blog Just Hit 50k! BAAM! Here Are My Top 10 Posts of All Time.

50 000 is a pretty big number, check this out:

Traffic per country:

Sweden has 0 Pizzagate awareness but I post my content to a bunch of Swedish facebook groups, that's why it's second. In fact, Marina Abramović has an exhibition at Moderna Museet (Modern Museum) in Stockholm RIGHT NOW. Yes, she is basically endorsed by the Swedish government, which is about to launch a new, more aggressive attack on "fake news" (meaning everything but massmedia like this blog even though I always source my claims).

My Top 10 Posts of all time:

  1. Are Red Shoes A Pedophile Signal?
  2. Does Popstar Melanie Martinez Promote Pedophilia?
  3. These two search trends are a coincidence, right?
  4. Does Shakira's album "Oral Fixation" Promote Pedophilia?
  5. Get Ready For a SLEEP OVER at Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria!
  6. Sick "Gimme Pizza Slow" Video Posted on James Alefantis Facebook Page
  7. The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Has Blatant Pedophile Imagery AND Works With Children Of Rape
  8. Jerry Sandusky moved to a MEDIUM-security prison. To have him killed. So he can't talk.
  9. Is Barack Obama or Joe Biden Connected to Pizzagate?
  10. Watch Game Show Host "Fergie Olver" Sexually Assault Kids On His Own Show

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