Wednesday, March 15, 2017

This Pizzagate Blog Just Hit 30 000 Views!

It was the day before yesterday actually, now it's at 34k.

I've been at this since November 2016. Started blogging late November I think. Had to take a break for while because the subject matter (pedophilia) was getting to me and I got a little depressed. The pageviews have exploded lately.

It's all from Facebook, because Google basically blocked me. Try finding my site on google, just try, I dare you. It's almost impossible. Even facebook threads that have 30+ comments, as long as it links to my site, you can't find them.

I have the words "pizzagate" and "blog" built into my domain name, title, and site description (the one where you provide keywords). As long as my site has visitors AND they stay (proving it's not spam) I should score high. And Voila. Look what happens when you use Bing:

Google? Not even top 20. Maybe not top 100 I really don't know. I also want to talk about REDDIT.

Reddit banned all Pizzagate discussion a while back, while letting their pedophile forum go on undisturbed. Yes, they have a pedophile subreddit that's THRIVING just THRIVING. Actually, their r/pedofriends subreddit was shut down about 2 months ago. So was their /r/Pedo101. But their cannibalism forum is going strong: r/Cannibalism

That said my site is virtually banned from Reddit. Whenever I post a link to it, noone can see it. Not even I can see it, in that subreddit under "new". So I CANNOT post anything to reddit. The reddit views you see above comes from me posting a link to my site in the comments.

  • Google hates me
  • Reddit hates me
  • Bing likes me =)

This is a concern because would Facebook SHUT DOWN Pizzagate topics, my site would literally die. I would have no way of getting views, finding new people.

My most viewed posts are:

Top 5 posts of all time!
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  4. The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Has Blatant Pedophile Imagery AND Works With Children Of Rape
  5. Sick "Gimme Pizza Slow" Video Posted on James Alefantis Facebook Page

A little about me
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My name is Theo Gerken and I live in a small town in northern Sweden called Ă–stersund. I've spent hundreds of hours on Pizzagate/Pedogate research and blogging. It's very time consuming and sometimes I just cry and watch a Will Ferrel movie like Stepbrothers go think about something else. Is Stepbrothers the best movie of all time? (watched it twice last 4 days)

I don't make a lot of money and nothing off this blog, so if you wanted to support me, support this fairly successfull project in raising awareness and help these kids, it would be very much appreciated by all parties involved except the pedophiles!

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