Saturday, March 18, 2017

Watch Game Show Host "Fergie Olver" Sexually Assault Kids On His Own Show

This is more than disturbing, I know. If he did this for the entire world to see, what did he do in private when nobody was watching?

Let's begin with the TV-show "Just Like Mom":

He hosted the TV-show with his wife, which is quite unique. That means she was in on it.

Innocent enough. But I can see how a pedophile would like this, getting "to know" a child. Just like when you hug a child it's not sexual, but for a pedophile it is.

They borrowed the format used of the "newlyweds" and applied to it children, how nice. NICE!

Apart from that, I didn't find much on him or the show. But notice how he goes in WITH SO MUCH FORCE for the kiss, the kid is the weird one saying "no", and he's the reasonable one. It's grooming. He's very aggressive.

I found this video in the Pizzagate investigation on A bunch of trolls have infiltrated the forum, and they are very active. Let me show you how one tried to DEFEND this video:

This trolling is actually pretty high quality, it is usually worse then this. On facebook I get some terrible trolls, funny even.

That's it for me! Cheers!