Saturday, April 1, 2017

Does FCKH8 Promote Pedophilia?

Katy Perry in a FCKH8 campaign.

People in FCKH8 T-shirts

What is FCKH8? 
First of all: "FCKH8" is short for "FUCK HATE". You will see this anti-hate -- pro-love message throughout their campaign.

When you visit their home page, this is what you see:

This is their description:

Let's look at the following sentence: "LGBT equality shirts emblazoned with bold messages like “Some Chicks Marry Chicks, Get Over It."

This phrase "GET OVER IT" is key, remember that. Okay. Let's look at their "Potty-Mouthed Princess" video:

These girls are all dressed up like "beauty pageants", did you notice that? Here are three pictures of child beauty pageants:

Can you see how they are sexualized? Who, apart from the obsessive mothers, LOVES child beauty pageants competitions? The Pedophiles, of course. A 6-year-old in a mini-skirt strip teasing to music? What pedophile WOULDN'T like that?

FCKH8 is an organization that has produced a lot of media. I spent about 6 hours going through it all. It was exhausting. Let me tell you what they are doing:

Step 1) Promoting Homosexuality
Step 2) Promoting Bisexuality
Step 3) Promoting Transexuality
Step 4) Promoting Pedophilia Smugly (that is, in a suggestive, non-overt way)
Step 5) Promoting Pedophilia Overtly (I will show you evidence of BLATANT advertisement of pedophilia at the end of this article)

Their strategy is simple. To promote SO MUCH, that the pedophilia gets lost in the mix. Everything is basically a cover for their end goal, to promote, advertise, and legitimize pedophilia. Don't worry, I have proof, just keep reading.

This is what their online shop looks like:

Gender equality, LGBT equality, and Racial equality. This is their front. They use these messages that EVERYBODY already agree on to lure you in. In psychology this is called "yes-ladder", you make a person say yes so many times that -- what's another yes?

So let's take it step by step.

Step 1: Promoting Homosexuality

See how both T-shirts have that "Get over it" phrase? Later on in their campaign they will use that with sinister purposes.

They are taking a noble cause, like promoting homosexuality, and using it for their own twisted purposes. Bear with me. I will show show you the progression in steps.

Step 2: Promoting Bisexuality

Step 3: Promoting Transexuality

This is also done through a series of "pro-love" products, which could be said to promote all kinds of sexuality, homo-, bi-, and transexuality.

Step 4: Promoting Pedophilia Smugly

And this is where they smoothly transition into promoting pedophilia smugly. Remember: we're at the "smug" stage and not the "overt" stage yet. The "legalize love" message is very appealing to pedophiles. Because the love that they want to experience is illegal.

"Love is about hearts not parts". They want to move away from the body, and focus on the mind. See what they are doing?

Notice the word "Pansexual".

mettaton.vevo says: "all offense @fckh8dotcom but didn't yall say pansexuality wasnt real and that it was some made up tumblr word".

Do you see how they sneak the PANSEXUAL into this chaos of sexual orientations?

Now they hit you with these young teens:

They are holding hands in a romantic way. You get the feeling they are in a relationship. Look at the girl to the right. Her lips are red, she is in a revealing dress, and why are her eyes half closed? They took 200 pictures and they chose this once?

Here they are using a teen girl again, with a short skirt and high boots, talking about romantic relationships.

The next step is children -- remember, still "smug" though.
This picture was "pinned" by their "Love is Love is Love" category.
"Sexual orientation" and baby in the same picture. They are closing in.

This picture connects sexuality to a newborn baby. Notice the #pansexual tag to the right.

Here's another one:

Here they actually use the word "fetus", and talk about it's sexuality.

  • Is this picture okay with the tags #legalizelove and #pansexual?
  • Pan means "all". If you're a pansexual you may or may not be attracted to children.

  • Here we have the #legalizelove and #pansexual tags again.
  • "At the age when children are learning their ABC's, it is important to teach acceptance of LGBT's"
  • Should we really sexualize our kids and teach them than "pansexuality" is normal?

Step 5: Promoting Pedophilia Overtly

I'm not going to talk in this section just show you the pictures.

"Fucking deal with it" is a version of the "Get over it" term from above.


found every image shown above on FCKH8's Instagram accounts: Instagram1 // Instagram2and Pinterest account; except for the last three (not including the "retard" meme). I found these through other search and assumed they were real because of the FCKH8 logo and already advertised pro-pedophilia. Direct link to "shamed for love and kiss" picture.

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