Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Pizzagate Blog Just Hit 100k! Here Are My Top 10 Posts of All Time!

So The Pizzagate Blog just hit 100 000 views.

Here are my Top 10 Posts of all time:

  1. Are Red Shoes A Pedophile Signal?
  2. I Am Patricia Piccinini -- Tony Podesta's Favourite Artist
  3. Does Popstar Melanie Martinez Promote Pedophilia?
  4. 15 John Podesta Images You Want To See
  5. John Podesta's Mother -- Mary K. Podesta -- Adopted 25 Children!
  6. Meaning of "Comet" and "Ping Pong" Revealed
  7. 17 Pizzagate Images You Want To See
  8. Does FCKH8 Promote Pedophilia?
  9. These Two Search Trends Are a Coincidence, Right?
  10. Does Shakira's album "Oral Fixation" Promote Pedophilia?

The one about "Patricia Piccinini" was published yesterday, and already has 10 000 views. It hit like a GODAMM SLEDGEHAMMER. The "Red Shoe" post is older but hit 10k views in a single hour because some celebrity shared it, don't know who.

By the way, do you know why Melanie Martinez is doing this?

They want to make THAT, the new THIS:

My posts on pop culture are very popular, even though I don't focus on it. Be sure to checkout number 3 and 10, the ones about Melanie Martinez and Shakira.

My posts about Miley Curys and the Olsson Twins are also very popular, I think they were at spot 11 and 12, even though I've barely promoted them. I dare you to watch the FULL "Gimme Pizza Slow" video without pausing. Just try, and tell me what happened.

The Olssen twins are in the "Gimme Pizza Slow" video linked below.

That's it for now.

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